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Liming Company is an enterprise specialized in the production, research and manufacturing of radiation protection room and shielded enclosure. The company carries out the tenet of “Serving Customer”

consistently and also trusted by the customers. The products of the company are sold to every province

and regions of our country, and also exported to overseas. The company pays much attention to innovation

of science and technology and the quality of product. The performance and index of some products have

reached to or over the standard of same product in Europe and American countries. Liming Company has

subsidiaries in Australia and North America.

As a result of development in medical treatment and also a health conscious society, the company has

established various departments that specialize in design, research and development of radiation protection

room system. The company has research extensively in science and technology and also the latest CAD in

designing unique processes and advanced structures. As such, the customers could choose from our stand

ard protection door and window series to meet their needs.       

利明屏蔽 利明屏蔽 利明屏蔽 利明屏蔽 利明屏蔽


PD Glass Fiber - Red - Yellow

Light Box Pictures

Light Box Pictures

Copper Sheet Welded Shielding Room

Copper Foil Assembled Shielding Room

Steel Plate Assembled Shielding Room

Blue Sky And White Cloud Light Box Picture

Composite Acoustic Panel - Warm White, Light Blue

Magnetic Shielding

Quench Tube


Our company went to the United States to participate in the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) on November 23rd.
Concrete uses of an electromagnetic shielding room
A detailed introduction to the maintenance of the shielding room

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