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Product Detail

Changzhou liing shield co., LTD. Can provide various kinds of specifications according to the requirements, the standard shielding door is 2100 by 1200, and 800 by 2000. The design is reasonable, the craft is original.




New process screen door switch is very easy, the reed is imported from the United States, the shielding is good, the appearance is exquisite. Import locks, design advanced, switch convenience.

The door with clean function, make sure the door frame with good electrical conductivity, reeds scientific design of the buffer device, prolong the service life of the platform screen door, and all installation using sound-absorbing material.




If the door switch is improperly used, there is a foreign body in the door, causing the reeds to be artificially damaged, and the repair is very simple. There are two kinds of reeds in the door of the company's new process shield, the top and side of the door are the reeds of the conductive adhesive, and the bottom of the door is a slotted reed.

If the top and reeds or surface defect, removing bad reed with the knife, using alcohol to wipe off the old conductive adhesive marks, cut a suitable size of the new reeds to adhere to. Repeatedly switch the door and make the new reed stick better. If the reeds are missing at the bottom of the door, the new process is not required to remove the whole door. Very simple, remove the bottom 7 brass screw at the bottom of the door, and remove a piece of yellow copper plate. You can see the broken reed and replace the new reeds.

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